How big is the Pomsky when full grown?

CLAIM: Promoters of the Pomsky designer breed claim that these dogs will be half the combined weight of the parents at maturity and can be bred down to a smaller size through future generations of breeding.

RESPONSE: People are drawn to Pomskies because they see pictures of what look like miniature Siberian huskies and naturally ask: “How big is a pomsky when it is full grown?”

Be it the fact that smaller versions of things are more often than not cuter than the regular sized version or the prevalence of celebrities toting around teacup size dogs, the miniaturization trend with dogs is a hot trend showing no signs of abetting anytime soon. And that is one of the reasons for the birth of this website.

Dogs are animals – actual living creatures. They are not a fashion statement, status symbol or a fad.

Object May Be Larger Than It Appears

We have all seen warnings on vehicle side mirrors warning that objects are closer than they appear. Well, when it comes to Pomskies, they are larger than they appear.

Do not fall for the hype that they are the size of a teacup or similar in size to other dogs. Even though they are part Pomeranian and there are teacup Pomeranians, Pomskies will not be the size of a teacup Pomeranian. Those dogs are ultra-tiny. Heck, these dogs will not even be as small as a regular Pomeranian.

Small Sells

In America, we often say that “sex sells.” We sexualize things, throw beautiful and scantily clad women on packaging and commercials and so forth. Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry.

When it comes to designer dogs and the dog market in general, “small sells.”

Breeders can command enormous premiums for smaller dogs or miniature versions of the real thing. When listing pomsky puppies for sale, breeders have a vested interest in assuring and convincing buyers that their dogs will be small. And unfortunately, breeders and their ilk are rewarded for lying about the anticipated size of their dogs, or at best misrepresenting the likely size their pomsky will reach when it is full grown.

The fact of the matter is there would be no such thing as a Pomsky craze or the infamous Pomsky picture floating around the internet if the actual size of the Pomsky was revealed to readers and not misreported.

Full Grown Pomsky

The full size of the Pomsky at maturity is dependent upon several different factors. First and foremost, when pairing any purebred dogs to form a designer cross-breed, the physical characteristics of the parents will form the basis upon which we can guestimate the future size and appearance of the new puppies.

Pomeranians can range from three to seven pounds on average. A female Siberian husky will weigh between 35-50 pounds on average. Pomsky breeders state with confidence that their offspring will be half the weight of their parents, or anywhere from between 19-29 pounds at maturity. Unfortunately, that is simply not accurate.

A Pomeranian will range from 7-12 inches in height. Huskies, measured from the ground to the top of their shoulders, known as the withers, range in height from 20-22 inches. Similar to the issue of weight, breeders maintain that Pomskies will grow to be 10-15 inches tall.

There can be no guarantees or assurances that the offspring will grow to any size or be a specific weight. The act of crossing two purebreds is what is known as a first generation cross, or F1 hybrid crossing. The pups can have any combination of the traits of both parents. In fact, quite often the individual members of each litter will look vastly different than their siblings. F1 crossings by definition are volatile. In fact, the most likely outcome is that each of the litter mates will have different appearances and growth expectation.

The Quest for Small Pomskies

As stated above, small sells.

Therefore, unethical breeders may intentionally seek to create the smallest Pomskies possible. These breeders may seek out runts to breed and hope that they in turn create smaller and smaller Pomskies. Needless to say, these breeders do not care about the health and well-being of their animals and they do not care about whether or not they sell you a healthy puppy who will grow up to be a healthy adult.


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